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Not Just Ice and Syrup

Matsumoto Shave Ice needs no introduction. This Haleiwa institution is known for their colorful shave ice, serving hundreds of customers each day. We had a chance to sit down with Vice President Noriko Matsumoto to talk about the history and success of Matsumoto Shave Ice. Born in Hawaii, Mamoru ...

Noodles for Dinner?  Say Ramen to That!

Few dishes rank higher in comfort to Asians than a warm bowl of noodles in soup.  However, the appeal of ramen in particular has stretched beyond the borders of Japan.  Since the Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) did a survey in 2009, and found that foreign visitors to Japan considered ...

Brews and Chews:  Hawaii Beers and Bites Worth Trying

One of the oldest drinks in the world, beer is the most popular among all the alcoholic drinks in the world.  With such an international appeal, it seems that just about every destination in the world produces its own rendition of this cherished beverage.  Hawaii is no different, with a budding ...

You Just Haas to Get Smashed on National Avocado Day

Few fruits have the ability to assume a leading role in a savory dish, let alone be versatile enough to also be incorporated into sweeter presentations.  The avocado has a buttery flesh that boasts a high nutritional value and concentration of healthy fats, making it a hearty component in whatever ...

New Restaurants and Relocations in Hawaii in June 2022!

New restaurants keep opening in Hawaii, and here is a comprehensive list of 12 new establishments, including a one that specializes in truffles, a café incorporating organic and healthy ingredients into its menu, and Oahu's first indoor sports and entertainment facility!   New Restaurants ...

Ice Creams and Other Frozen Treats to Try While in Hawaii

National Ice Cream Day is almost here, and the humidity in Hawaii just begs for a daily dose of frozen treats.  However, should you decide to celebrate ice cream’s special day on Sunday, July 17, we hope that in lieu of ordering your typical favorite flavors, you will consider exploring a new ...

Beefed Up Meals without Beefed Up Prices

The cost of beef in America seems to be outpacing the rate of inflation.  Sure, the increased labor and fuel costs combined with the increase in the price of grains have all made their impact but another factor is the overall expanded demand for meat.  That being said, steakhouse dinners are ...

Fourth of July Firework Shows Around Oahu, Just Not in Honolulu

Each Fourth of July, most of Honolulu’s residents enjoy the fireworks display set off at Magic Island, courtesy of Ala Moana Center and its tenants.  However, since the pandemic, the annual tradition of aerial bursts synchronized to music has been canceled.  Fortunately, there are other locations ...

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