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Poké Bar , Sakura Terrace Sakura Terrace Fresh made smoothie, bubble tea, Yogurt! S7 Icy Bubble Kapahulu , NAGASAKI CHAMPON Ringer Hut , Mia Thai Massage Mia Thai Massage ,, LUNAR TEA , MILK N' CEREAL PANCAKES Scratch Kitchen & Meatery camaron Haleiwa Camaron Oahu activities 2021 Magnum HELICOPTERS , Beautiful Chirashi Bowl! Furusato Sushi PatchMD Patch MD ,,, CHIKU combination plate yoshoku ginza bairin Yoshoku Ginza BAIRIN , ALOHA STEAK HOUSE , MALULANI HAWAII *Temporarily CLOSED , Starting with our famous tonkatsu, at Ginza Bairin we strive to offer our customers many convenient options. From online reservations, take out orders, and the large variety of high quality dishes on offer, you'll find a meal you like, the way you want it at Ginza Bairin. Tonkatsu Ginza BAIRIN , Lokahi Brewing Company , Allegrini Mozzarella , Kobe-Style Beef Aloha Table Waikiki ,, Ramen BARIO , Camaron , EbiNomi EbiNomi ,, Scratch Kitchen & Meatery Scratch Kitchen & Meatery , Miso Chicken & Garlic Shrimp Combo! Champion's Steak & Seafood Enjoy the stunning ocean views. Reviewed highly for great service. Furusato Sushi , Matsumoto Shave Ice , Allegrini Mozzarella ,, TLACUACHES 808 Chiba-Ken Any Place Cocktail Lounge Any Place Cocktail Lounge The Chill Grill Haleiwa The Chill Grill ,,,
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