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Local Plates That Get You Saying OMG!

OMG may be an acronym for Oh My Grill, but it also reflects the pleasant surprises most diners experience at this eatery specializing in local cuisine.  The multi-cultural flavors, uber-reasonable prices, upscale menu items, a tasteful ambiance, and late night hours all seem to be reasons why ...

How to Sushi – Part 1:  Basic Sushi Terms

Even though sushi was once considered a fast food-type of cuisine, today it represents some of the more lavish dining experiences in Japan.  There is more than meets the eye when it comes to the seemingly simple concept of fish or seafood sliced and placed atop a bite-sized ball of vinegared rice.  ...

New Eatery Openings and Reopenings in Hawaii, December 2022

As we rounded out the year, Hawaii found even more establishments opening to get some of the dining spree action.  Among them are an Asian food hall in Waikiki, a new supermarket in the former Food Pantry Waikiki location, and the long-awaited reopening of Halekulani Bakery.   New Eateries ...

Where to Ring in the New Year

Now that the hustle and bustle of finding the right Christmas gifts for everyone is over, we can start to consider where we want to celebrate as we ring in the New Year.  Whether it be a New Year’s Eve party or a first meal in the New Year, we have a few suggestions that will give 2023 a proper ...

New Store Openings and Relocations in Hawaii for November 2022!

11 new spots, including a new store specializing in matcha green tea drinks! New and Relocated Restaurants and Cafes in Hawaii in November 2022   1)  Westman Cafe + Lounge Westman Cafe + Lounge opened on November 1 at the former site of Bill's Hawaii on Beach Walk in Waikiki, alongside ...

Treat Yourself to a Holiday Meal

After spending all your money on gifts for others, possibly even scrimping on meals to ensure you have enough cash to go around, now is the time to reward yourself.  Let’s face it, being Santa is not cheap, and old Saint Nick has to eat, right?  Plus, the holidays are a great time to dine out ...

Budget Meals So You Can Splurge on Christmas Shopping

Christmas may be a challenging time for people financially.  It is the season for giving and while we are so used to buying for ourselves the other eleven months of the year, the added expense of purchasing gifts for friends and family all at one time can be taxing.  One way to manage the finances ...

Light Up Your Life with These Christmas Decorations Around Oahu

Dreaming of a White Christmas?  Well, since Hawaii does not get much snow albeit flurries atop Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa, the Christmas spirit is often felt around town via breathtaking Christmas trees and holiday decor.  These are some of the top holiday decorations on Oahu that will most likely get ...

Black Friday Deals for the Naughty and Nice

Black Friday is when most businesses offer the hottest deals of the year.  Whether you decide to do your Christmas shopping or find yourself a nice present is really up to you.  There are just too many specials out there that you have to prioritize how you budget your time and money, so this ...

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