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Valentine’s Day Dinners for Procrastinators

Some people are chronic procrastinators, and when it comes to Valentine’s Day lack of proper planning can make or break the night’s romance.  We thought we would do a last minute roundup of spots that still may have openings for dinner, so you can save face while showing a big heart and a big ...

Kung Hee Fat Choy:  How Hawaii Celebrates Lunar New Year

February 10 is the Lunar New Year, and with it the Year of the Dragon is purported to bring success upon those born in its years.  While what the year brings for those born in other years of the Chinese horoscope, for those who are to be showered with wealth and wisdom, there is one ...

Dishes Eaten with Chopsticks to Wrap Your Noodle Around

National Chopsticks Day seems to be a designated day to encourage eating Asian food.  However, while you can still eat French fries with them, they are more closely associated with noodle and rice dishes.  So here are a few spots where you can try to practice your skills at picking up food with ...

Global Flavors on a Cosmopolitan Island

Hawaii, despite its smaller residential population, is among the top states that boast the most restaurants per capita.  Our little island chain destination takes pride in the spectrum of flavors offered.  Besides the core Asian ethnic flavors, Hawaii’s food scene continues to expand with flavors ...

The Paths to Diamond Head Are Paved with Good Luncheons

Diamond Head, also known by its Hawaiian name Lē‘ahi,  is one of Oahu’s leading attractions.  The 300,000 year old crater rests on the eastern edge of Waikiki’s coastline, and is known for its historic trail which leads hikers to stunning coastal views of the cerulean Pacific Ocean, and possibly ...

Put on Your Best Buffet Pants for Breakfast

Get your drawstring or elastic waistband pants on and put off that New Year’s diet resolution for another day because it’s National Buffet Day on January 2!  Honolulu has some fine breakfast buffets to consider, and here are some of our favorites.     Hatsuhana Japanese Restaurant Hawaii ...

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