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If It’s The Last Thing You Do…This Year

There is something about a New Year that makes people think about living life to the fullest.  Because this December 31 is the last time we are able to enjoy a spectacular meal in 2023, people seek out special menus or convivial places to enjoy with friends or loved ones.  Forget January 1 for now, ...

Teas You Will Love for Oolong Time

It’s International Tea Day on December 15, and in case you don’t have a budget for a civilized afternoon tea service on some luxurious veranda in Waikiki, we have a few accessible tea spots to consider.  These casual cafes may be more of a takeaway format, but they still craft some exquisite ...

Hawaii Beers That Are Lager Than Life

December 10 is National Lager Day, and while we really don’t need an excuse to have a couple of cold ones, there are a few lagers crafted in Hawaii worth trying, if you have not already.  Some of the more popular breweries include Kona Brewing Company, Maui Brewing Company, Waikiki Brewing Company, ...

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