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Our Hawaii Weekend Guide for May 28-30, 2022

Another three-day weekend is approaching, and for many who are planning to be on Oahu, there are a number of new and cool attractions, including an annual festival worth checking out.     1) Ghost Bus Even though it is about half a year to Halloween, Ghost Bus is a haunted house ...

The Flat Round-up on Honolulu’s Pizzerias

With so many artisanal pizze now available in the islands, the variety of American pizza choices has expanded significantly beyond chains as Domino’s, Papa John’s, and Pizza Hut to encompass New York (including Brooklyn), New Haven, and Detroit styles.  While someone has yet to create a Chicago ...

New Business Openings and Relocations in Hawaii, April 2022

More new business continue to popular Honolulu, adding to the long list of places to try.  This month, among the highlights are a yogurt drink that is new to the islands and a Hong Kong-style dessert shop to give you a sugary high.   New Restaurants & Relocations Opened or Announced in ...

New Business Openings and Relocations in Hawaii, March 2022

Hawaii is replete with exciting new spots worth checking out.  Each month, new businesses emerge unnoticed, but we decided to do a roundup of nine new openings and relocations that we discovered last month.   New Restaurants & Relocations That Opened in March 2022   Among the ...

Foods in Honolulu Worth the Indulgence

Despite carbohydrates and calories being vilified as the antithesis of health and nutrition, people are still tempted by them much like sailors to the call of the siren.  Yet, while we know they are not necessarily good for us, we just can’t help ordering a hearty portion to help stave off complete ...

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