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Popular Noodles and Some Udon Know

While ramen seems to be king among those who seek out noodles in Hawaii, there are other types of Japanese noodles, including an unusual take on ramen that may be worth checking out.   1) Shingen Soba Izakaya at Heart Moon Buckwheat noodles may not be top-of-mind for most, but a great soba has ...

A Few Good Mian, Pho Sure

Noodles in Asian are believed to have started in China, where the earliest written record of noodles dates back to the Eastern Han period around 25 - 200 A.D.  A staple in Chinese cuisine, noodles made their way throughout Asia, into Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand.  Amongst the ...

Not Just Ice and Syrup

Matsumoto Shave Ice needs no introduction. This Haleiwa institution is known for their colorful shave ice, serving hundreds of customers each day. We had a chance to sit down with Vice President Noriko Matsumoto to talk about the history and success of Matsumoto Shave Ice. Born in Hawaii, Mamoru ...

Noodles for Dinner?  Say Ramen to That!

Few dishes rank higher in comfort to Asians than a warm bowl of noodles in soup.  However, the appeal of ramen in particular has stretched beyond the borders of Japan.  Since the Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) did a survey in 2009, and found that foreign visitors to Japan considered ...

Brews and Chews:  Hawaii Beers and Bites Worth Trying

One of the oldest drinks in the world, beer is the most popular among all the alcoholic drinks in the world.  With such an international appeal, it seems that just about every destination in the world produces its own rendition of this cherished beverage.  Hawaii is no different, with a budding ...

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