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Hawaii’s Multi-Cultural Chicken Wings

The wild Hawaiian chicken, which has a population base that could make it a strong contender as the next state bird, has a rich history in the islands.  Also known as moa, chickens are a symbol of resilience and adaptation as they have managed for centuries to survive predators, weather, and ...

Why Domo Cafe Gets an A Grade

Large sushi and sashimi platters were stacked up inside Domo Café, as the casual eatery’s dine-in area was temporarily converted into a makeshift extension of its take away counter—a typical operational shift during major holidays as Mother’s Day, The Fourth of July, Christmas, and other ...

Local Hawaiian-Style Icy Treats to Cool You Down This Summer

With summer feeling like it’s getting hotter each year, icy desserts provide a soothing reprieve.  Whether it be something more elaborate and decadent as a composed halo halo dessert or a simple, possibly healthy smoothie, here are a few places to duck into to escape the scorching sun.   ...

Different Steak Preparations

Going out to a steak dinner is almost like a landmark event.  For most of us, it designates a special occasion, because the price points usually dictate the frequency of these occurrences.  So, when heading out to an institution honoring the sacrosanct steak, ordering something different within the ...

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