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Texas Barbecue is All the Rage in Hawaii!

Hawaii and Texas share a very special relationship dating back to World War II.    Today, the relationship is perpetuated through food, via a sweeping popularity of Texas-style barbecue outfits in Honolulu.  Hawaii locals, raised on more Kansas City-style barbecues with meats slathered in sauce, ...

There’s Always Room for Dessert!  Especially Hawaii-Inspired Ones

The concept of having a separate stomach for dessert may be rooted in the chemicals that cause the human brain to produce feelings of pleasure when something is consumed.  So when a dessert is introduced after a series of savory bites, of which each consecutive bite generates diminishing returns in ...

Tacos for Any Day of the Week

When you see long lines of cars wrapped around a Taco Bell on any given night, you know that there is something alluring about proteins wrapped or placed atop tortillas, be they soft and supple or fried hard and crunchy.  Not everyone is lucky enough to be exposed to more traditional renditions, ...

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