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Black Friday Deals for the Naughty and Nice

Black Friday is when most businesses offer the hottest deals of the year.  Whether you decide to do your Christmas shopping or find yourself a nice present is really up to you.  There are just too many specials out there that you have to prioritize how you budget your time and money, so this ...

Healthy Fast Food So Delish, They’re Gone in a Flash

Fast food often has a negative connotation because we are so accustomed to food prepared quickly and easily being associated with meals high in fat or carbohydrates.  However, with popular chains offering salads and other healthier options, there are more choices to be made for families who do not ...

Happy Hours That Will Leave You Ecstatic

Who doesn’t love a great happy hour?  It’s after work (at least for most), there are some great food and beverage deals that stretch your dollar farther, and you usually spend the time with the people whose company you enjoy.  Sometimes it’s the food that dictates where to go, but most of the time, ...

Not Your Typical Sandwiches in Hawaii

Ham and cheese.  Egg salad.  Peanut butter & jelly.  White bread schmeared with mayonnaise and layered with slices of bologna is quick and easy, so most kids are often exposed to humble sandwiches growing up.  However, as people move into adulthood, the world expands to BLTs, Italian subs, ...

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