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How to Spend Your Three-Day Memorial Day Weekend

A three day weekend is upon us, and there are many ways to spend the time.  There are a few activities that will help you to slow down from the hectic pace of life brought on by increasing demands at work and the sense of immediacy generated by technology.   Circle Oahu Tour Spend a day enjoying ...

Late Night Dining in Honolulu

For some reason after the pandemic, business close early.  People don’t stay out to shop, nor eat late.  Most businesses are dark around 8:30 p.m., leaving just a few options for those who get off work at that time.  If you enjoy dining late, here are a few places you may want to remember. Sam’s ...

Meals in Hawaii That Make Moms Feel Loved

Mother’s Day is certainly a special day to make moms feel appreciated. It can be a day of atonement for people who were difficult as children, or a day just to remind that special woman how much she continues to mean to us. If you’re planning to take her out this Sunday, these are a few spots that ...

No Diet Day:  Let Yourself Go with Hawaii’s Indulgent Meals

On Monday, May 6, take a pause from your diet if you wish to celebrate International No Diet Day. That could mean one day of no intermittent fasting, no keto meals, no paleo options, or whatever it is that makes you hesitate from gorging down a double cheeseburger, supreme pizza with extra cheese, ...

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