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Deep-Fried Foods Worth the Sacrifice

People often remind us about avoiding deep-fried foods.  But, something about cooking food to a delectable crisp by submerging it in bubbling hot oil is something that even air-fryers cannot quite seem to replicate perfectly.  Everything somehow transforms into a beautifully textured, flavorful ...

Honolulu Fast Foods You Will Want to Savor Slowly

Garlic Shrimp Plate at Sam’s Kitchen Japanese television personality Sam Monaghan is also a pretty amazing chef.  His approach is simple, but his flavors leave a lasting impression.  His poke is spectacular, his pan-fried fish–ahi, shibi, mahimahi, ono, and a’u–is craveworthy, and his pan-fried ...

Thanksgiving Meals That Will Stuff You More Than the Turkey

Thanksgiving meals have come a long way from the first harvest in the New World in 1621.  While that original feast may have lasted three days, today, we gorge down enough turkey and stuffing in one day to keep us feeling blissfully lethargic for the next three days.  Here are a few places ...

October 2023 – New Cafe and Restaurant Openings in Hawaii!

October 2023 New Restaurants and Cafes in Hawaii     Mini Monster  Mini Monster, a café born in Southern California and famous for its photogenic drinks, will soon open its Hawaii location in the Paina Lana'i Food Court on the second floor of the Royal Hawaiian Center.   Mini Monster ...

Your Weekend Guide to the North Shore of Oahu

Veteran’s Day brings another three-day weekend starting on Friday.  As Hawaii moves to winter, with the increased possibility of rain, it may not be a bad idea to take advantage of the sunshine.  And what better place to enjoy the great beachy outdoors than on the North Shore of Oahu.       ...

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