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Celebrating the Milestones with Your Loved One

Not everyone can tolerate all of our idiosyncrasies, understand our uncompromised needs, and synchronize with the cadence of our desired lifestyle. That other half is truly special not because that person enjoys all our positive traits, but because that is someone who can endure our occasionally ...

Life Is a Picnic with These Hawaii Foods

With ideal weather in Hawaii featuring soft kisses from the sun tempered by gentle tradewinds, the spring is an ideal time to enjoy meals outdoors.  Whether it be a quick bite at the beach between swim sessions or a relaxing picnic on a sprawling lawn at one of the many parks around Waikiki, here ...

Experience Oahu via Air, Land or Sea

Oahu’s majestic beauty may be experienced in a variety of ways.  Depending on your level of adventure, or degree of resilience to motion sickness, there are a number of modes to take when discovering the natural marvels of the island. 1)M Select Car Rental A typical way to see Oahu is ...

March 2023 New and Relocated Establishments in Hawaii!

Quite a bit of new exciting activity is stirring around the island of Oahu.  From February to the end of March, the economy is reinvigorated by openings such as a new waterfront recreation & lifestyle venue, the expansion of Dave's Ice Cream into Waikiki proper, the burgeoning popular local ...

Grilled Cheese Sandwiches To Kick the Depression

Grilled cheese sandwiches are not only admired for their Instagramably photogenic pulls, but also for their economical approach to a fulfillingly rich meal.  Grilled cheese were once referred to as “cheese dreams” and were popular in the 1920s as affordable meals comprised of inexpensive bread and ...

Local Flavors & Island Vibes

Locals and visitors converge at Le'ahi BAR & GRILL, a casual eatery with an island vibe located on Waikiki’s east end.  The gathering spot that serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner, gets its name from Lēʻahi, the native word referencing one of Hawaii’s most recognizable landmarks, Diamond Head. ...

Easter Sunday Brunch Ideas

Where Santa has elves to help him, the Easter bunny flies solo.  The fabled rabbit would make morning deliveries of colored eggs, which later evolved to include chocolate and candies, eventually replacing the nests with baskets.  Fortunately, most people end up having brunch someplace, so the bunny ...

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