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Great Meals at Hawaii Supermarket Foodcourts!

Recently, the food offered at Hawaii Supermarket Foodcourts has been heating up. With demand for prepared food at an all time high, foodcourts have become a battleground of awesome hidden gems. Here are 3 awesome spots to try at Hawaii Supermarket Foodcourts! 1) Palama Market - Fish and Rice ...

Looking For an Oahu Tour? We’ve got you covered!

You've booked the trip, and now you're looking for some things to do!  If you're dedicating a day to seeing the sights on the island, one option is to sign up for an Oahu tour.  If you're looking to see some Hawaiian marine life ,  we've got you covered there too. We've lined up 2 Oahu tour options ...

5 Authentic Dishes to Try in Honolulu

The surf and sun of Hawaii makes it one of the world's most desired locations to live. The appeal of Hawaii pulls in everyone, and everyone means great chefs want to live here too.  We are quite spoiled with the amount of flavors and dishes we can try from around the world. Featured below are 5 ...

Our Go To Oahu Japanese Restaurants

Looking for good Oahu Japanese restaurants? You're likely to find a huge list of Japanese restaurants available, so we've listed a few of our favorites! All the restaurants below do brisk business with a local Japanese clientele, so you know you'll find authentic flavors here. 1) Kamitoku Ramen ...

5 Places to Visit in Haleiwa

In recent years, Haleiwa has become a must visit hot spot on Oahu.  For better or for worse, the idyllic North Shore town has continued to attract visitors seeking fun and sun. We can't complain about all the great restaurants and shops that have opened though! Here are some places we like to ...

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