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Hawaiian Breakfast and Lunch at Cafe Morey’s

Head down Kalakaua Ave past the Honolulu zoo, and Monsarrat Ave will split upwards towards the iconic Diamond Head.  Follow that path into a more residential neighborhood, and you'll find a variety of laid back neighborhood stores and restaurants frequented by locals. Just outside of Waikiki's ...

Featured Restaurant: Ginza Bairin

Located on the quiet side of Waikiki Beach Walk, Ginza Bairin has been a tonkatsu institution in Waikiki for the better part of 15 years. The word tonkatsu is a combination of two words - "ton" which means pork, and "katsu" , a shortened word  for "cutlet".  Arguably one of Japan's national dishes, ...

Our Favorite Late Night Restaurants in Honolulu

Next to some of our favorite restaurants closing, a major let down of the pandemic has been the decline of open,  late night restaurants in Honolulu. Tourists have to eat, and we're always looking for places to blow off some steam. Fortunately, some of our favorite late night restaurants in ...

Hidden Menu Items at Popular Oahu Restaurants

A lot of restaurants on Oahu become popular based on a signature dish. These dishes are great no doubt - but it's always good to try the overlooked, somewhat hidden menu items on offer as well.  In that spirit, we're going over the overshadowed, hidden menu items just waiting to get in your belly.  ...

Oahu's Best Coupons