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THE LIST for Hawaii’s Hottest Pancakes

Flapjacks.  Griddle cakes.  Hotcakes.  There are a number of words that refer to the popular breakfast confection. And while there may be discerning nuances, in Hawaii, you will pretty much find pancakes and hotcakes.  While the term is loosely interchangeable in the islands, people’s preferences ...

New Hawaii Eatery Openings in August 2023!

A total of 13 new restaurants, including expansions of popular spots such as Banan, Mala Market, and Aloha Bake Shop. August 2023 New Restaurants and Cafes in Hawaii   Scratch Xpress Scratch Xpress is now located in STIX ASIA, located on the lower level of the Waikiki Shopping Plaza! ...

Honolulu’s Most Crave-worthy Burgers

On Sunday, many people will likely make their way to their favorite burger joint for National Cheeseburger Day.  Whether they opt to dine at McDonald’s or Morton’s for one of America’s institutions, we are not here to judge.  However, we feel it is our fiduciary duty to throw out some of our top ...

Celebrate National Beer Lovers Day in Hawaii

Beer quenches on a hot summer day.  It is affordable enough so that we may enjoy more than just one.  There are alcohol-free versions and lite versions that enable us to possibly drink twice as much.  It’s the quintessential everyday drink, so it seems odd that there is National Beer Lovers Day ...

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