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New-dles in Town

Being so close to Japan compared to most of the other states in America, it is not surprising that Hawaii constantly experiences new noodle dishes.  The bowl may be iconic in some countries but not readily found in Hawaii, or it could be a unique take on a traditional soup noodle presentation.  ...

Most Addicting Foods on Oahu

There are some dishes that just create an obsession, one that sinks deep into your psyche.  Perhaps the item conjures up a nostalgic memory or emotion, or it has a flavor combination that needs to be experienced again and again, maybe even an aromatic or textural stimulus that hits all the right ...

Places Where Mom Will Feel Extra Love

How do you show gratitude to a woman who carried you in her womb for about nine months as she endured lower back pains and cautious restraint in indulging in some of her favorite foods or activities before enduring the climactic event of childbirth?  Mother’s Day only comes around once a year, and ...

Oahu's Best Coupons