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Fourth of July Fireworks on Oahu

The Fourth of July is an opportune time to have a picnic, barbecue, or party with friends and family.  If that can be done within the viewing vicinity of a spectacular fireworks show, then it is all the better.  Throw in a concert, and it is just about the perfect way to spend the all-American ...

Photogenic Moments in Hawaii

Hawaii is full of naturally beautiful landscapes that make for clickbait on Instagram–Diamond Head, erupting volcanoes, lush waterfalls, pristine ocean views, and more.  However, there are other vibrantly colorful or photogenic shots that may stimulate social media engagement.  Here are some of our ...

Go Fish, Hawaiian Style

June 23 is National Go Fishing Day, and since Hawaii is surrounded by water, it is not difficult to take time out of your daily routine to hop on a boat to catch some dinner.  You can even seek out a stream to catch, although your yield of gobies may not constitute a substantial meal. However, if ...

Ideas for Dad on Father’s Day

Time is running out with Father’s Day coming up over the weekend.  Many fathers are simple, such that purchasing a gift or finding a suitable celebratory meal could be a challenge.  This list elevates the experience beyond buying him a polo shirt or taking him out to a hearty steak dinner. Rye ...

Healthy on Oahu

Aging takes away so much fun from being a foodie, as health becomes a primary influencer on the type and level of consumption.  Some people start early in life taking care of their body, while others eventually shift their dining habits out of survival reasons.  This list is to help provide a few ...

Egg Dishes That Are Perfect for Dinner

Eating eggs often seems to be an act of breakfast.  However, some people love morning dishes around dinnertime, or even better yet, after a night of drinking with friends because after anything immediately midnight is considered morning, right?  Well, this list comprises dishes that incorporate ...

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