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Looking For an Oahu Tour? We’ve got you covered!

You've booked the trip, and now you're looking for some things to do!  If you're dedicating a day to seeing the sights on the island, one option is to sign up for an Oahu tour.  If you're looking to see some Hawaiian marine life ,  we've got you covered there too. We've lined up 2 Oahu tour options ...

5 Authentic Dishes to Try in Honolulu

The surf and sun of Hawaii makes it one of the world's most desired locations to live. The appeal of Hawaii pulls in everyone, and everyone means great chefs want to live here too.  We are quite spoiled with the amount of flavors and dishes we can try from around the world. Featured below are 5 ...

Our Go To Oahu Japanese Restaurants

Looking for good Oahu Japanese restaurants? You're likely to find a huge list of Japanese restaurants available, so we've listed a few of our favorites! All the restaurants below do brisk business with a local Japanese clientele, so you know you'll find authentic flavors here. 1) Kamitoku Ramen ...

5 Places to Visit in Haleiwa

In recent years, Haleiwa has become a must visit hot spot on Oahu.  For better or for worse, the idyllic North Shore town has continued to attract visitors seeking fun and sun. We can't complain about all the great restaurants and shops that have opened though! Here are some places we like to ...

Taxis in Honolulu – The Hidden Choice

In recent years, Taxi services have had a hard time. With the rise of companies such as Uber there's been new competition in the business. On Oahu, rental cars have also always been an option for those looking to get around the city. However, with the rise of Covid-19, rental cars have become very ...

Enjoy a Circle Island Tour with The Pineapple EXP!

It's hard to see and experience all that Oahu has to offer during a short vacation. Taking a circle island tour is a great way to get the inside scoop on what's where on the island. That way, if you like a particular area you can visit it on your own at a later date on your vacation. We recommend ...

Scratch Kitchen: Southern Charm Meets Aloha

When you think of the food of Hawaii, what comes to mind? Whether it’s spam musubi or malasadas, dishes here have been shaped by historical waves of migration. Take some of the ingredients found in poke for example. Salmon, soy sauce, and kimchi are not native to Hawaii but somehow end up perfectly ...

4 Open Air Restaurants in Honolulu

Although vaccinations are ramping up in Hawaii, COVID-19 is still a huge factor when it comes to dining out. The CDC recommends that you avoid crowds of people in enclosed spaces with poor ventilation. With that in mind, here are our recommendations for 4 open air restaurants in Honolulu. 1) ...

Great Value! Try these Honolulu Spa and Massage Options.

Looking for a good Honolulu Spa or massage? You've come to the right place. Although there are spa options at most major hotels, you'll find a much better deal at these 4 Honolulu spa and massage spots!  1) Cocolomi Massage Lomi Lomi Oil Massage 60min/$75 with coupon! Located smack dab in ...

Step out of Waikiki for Hawaii Local Dishes!

Waikiki has many great restaurants, but you're missing out if you don't check out what's beyond the tourist areas in Hawaii.  We've listed up some of our Hawaii local dishes we order when we grab some grinds outside of Waikiki. If you want to eat like the locals do, you've come to the right place.  ...

Make a Honolulu Restaurant Reservation and Avoid the Lines!

Trying to find a nice meal in Waikiki these days? It's been increasingly hard to make a Honolulu restaurant reservation, so be prepared for long lines.  Although tourism is recovering, Honolulu restaurants still have a long way to go. You'll find fewer open restaurants, and they have less ...

New Honolulu Restaurants!

We've been noticing a bunch of new restaurants and eateries pop up in Honolulu recently. Unfortunately,  the pandemic had left a lot of open store fronts around town so we are glad to see some new signs of life in our communities. Here are 4 new stores we think are worth checking out! 1)808 Bunsik ...

Oahu's Best Coupons