December 2023 New Restaurants and Cafes in Hawaii ARVO opens a new location in Waikiki, and 6 other foodie destinations!

Pineapple County Market

A new food court opened on Lewers Street in Waikiki, in the former Pineapple County retail location.

Currently, tenants include the hamburger counter HI Burger, Honolulu Sushi featuring enjoy sushi and udon noodles, and HI Flavor, a cafe where you can enjoy coffee, Hawaiian-style taro shakes, and shave ice cream. The space is tucked away under the building but it offers a breezy respite with delectable discoveries.

Pineapple County Market
342 Lewers St. Honolulu HI
(808) 772-7411 / HI Burger, (808) 892-1114 / Honolulu Sushi



Aina Steak & Seafood

Aina Steak & Seafood is now open on the second floor of the same building as Pineapple County Market. Gaze upwards and if you see a red light emanating from the restaurant, you found the location.

Aina Steak & Seafood prides itself in using the best ingredients that the owner discovered around the globe, be it uni from Santa Barbara, abalone from Korea, or flavorful beef from various states in America. Starters could be along the lines of steakhouse favorites, such as a seafood tower, except the one here features eleven types of fruits de mer. Or they may feature some unconventional but alluring offerings as a steamed scallop uni glistening with cilantro crème fraiche. Steaks are given a 30-day dry age, grilled and broiled without any charring and no additional seasonings of butter or salt to mask the natural brilliance of each extracted beefy bite.
That way, patrons may enjoy the optimum flavors of each cut, with the option to accentuate the flavors with a selection of unique, house-made steak sauces and baked salts, such as a lilikoi beurre blanc, yuzu salt, or red wine rosemary salt. Consider the 30-day aged prime tomahawk (56 oz /$295) and prime rib eye (32 oz /$130) and experience the fullest expression of beef at this little gem nestled above Lewers Street.

Aina Steak & Seafood
342 Lewers st. Honolulu HI
8 am – 2:30pm, 4:30pm – 11:30pm
(808) 922-4872




Arvo, the popular cafe at SALT at Our Kakaako, opened inside the Surfjack Hotel on Lewers Street in Waikiki.

Just like the location in Kakaako, patrons may enjoy aromatic coffee be it in the form of a variety of a latte, cappuccino, or maybe a short black or flat white. Coffee alternatives include a strawberry guava mint tea and lemonade among other thirst-quenching libations with all drinks starting from $3.00. And of course, do not neglect the cuisine, a selection of salads and toasts including an ARVO green salad, an egg salad toast with capers, dill, and Dijon, as well as a loaded avocado toast with feta, all starting from $11. Also discover local brand ceramics, accessories, skin care, and more, making this place a perfect spot to shop for gifts and souvenirs while you dine.

Please note that the store closes early, from 7:00 to 14:00.

324 Coral Street. Honolulu HI
Salt at Our Kakaako 1F
8 am – 2 pm



Aroma Italia

Seeking casual Italian? Manoa recently opened a new takeaway spot that serves pizza.

Whether it be a signature 13", a new 16", or pizza by the slice, these open-faced treats make for the perfect take away, especially since there is not much space for eating and drinking inside. The cheese and ingredients, imported from Italy, establish more authentic flavors, as does their gelato.

Aloma Italia
2756 Woodlawn Dr. Honolulu HI
10 am – 8:30 pm



Golden Pig

Not far from Ala Moana is Golden Pig, a new restaurant along Kapiolani Boulevard. This unique restaurant offers Korean and Japanese cuisine in a course-only setting, all in private rooms. The best part, every room is equipped with a karaoke machine. The course meal includes steamed egg custard, ceviche salad, Korean pancake, a chef's dish, cold pasta, and a choice of a main dish among steamed thick sliced pork belly, vegetables and mushrooms wrapped with thin sliced pork steamed seafood and more. Throw in dessert and the meal is complete. Prices range from $39.99 to $89.99. Go hungry, and be sure to bring people who can sing, or someone’s poor rendition of “Dancing Queen” may make you suddenly lose your appetite.

Golden Pig
1349 Kapiolani Blvd Honolulu, HI
5 pm – 10 pm



NORI Bar Hawaii

A casual sushi counter, Nori Bar Hawaii, opened in Ward Village.

As the name suggests, this restaurant offers a variety of temakizushi, or hand-rolled sushi, using crispy nori (seaweed) filled with luxe ingredients such as crab, hamachi, Hokkaido scallop, tuna, salmon, ume shiso, unagi (eel), and Hokkaido sea urchin. The best part is that the ambiance feels like an authentic, upscale sushi bar but prices for each handroll start from just $5.00.
To accent each bite, you can request the inclusion of a sauce or condiment from a variety, including chopped wasabi, spicy aioli sauce, truffle ponzu, yuzu kosho, and yuzu ponzu, all expressing unique Japanese flavors.

Nori Bar Hawaii
1000 Auahi St. Honolulu, HI
11 am – 10 pm


Enjoy a new casual spot, or possibly all of them. With most of the openings in December of last year being affordable eateries, you just may find your new favorite place to frequent.

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