Soft Opening of laid-back Steakhouse, ALOHA STEAK HOUSE

ALOHA STEAK HOUSE opened on May 2nd in Aqua Oasis @ 320 Lewers St.
You can feel like being at BEACH HOUSE there,
Have a sizzling plate of BEEF STEAK with Local Maui Onion Sauce !
Try new casual style steak house called, ALOHA STEAK HOUSE.
Today’s Special Lunch Set / $18
US Rib Eye Steak / $39 *1lb
US Rib Eye Steak & Garlic Shrimps / $33
Grilled Salmon Local Egg Tartar Sause / $22
Kids Plate / $9.50
Steak House’s Beef Curry / $12
Alcohol / from $5.50
and more
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