Taxis in Honolulu – The Hidden Choice

In recent years, Taxi services have had a hard time. With the rise of companies such as Uber there’s been new competition in the business. On Oahu, rental cars have also always been an option for those looking to get around the city. However, with the rise of Covid-19, rental cars have become very hard to come by. At the start of the pandemic, Hawaii’s tourist reliant rental car industry dumped their inventory in a bid to stop bleeding cash. Now that travel is recovering, there is a shortage of cars and Hawaii holds 3 slots out of the top 10 most expensive rental car markets in the Nation making taxis in Honolulu that much more attractive. 

hana taxi taxis in Honolulu

Uber prices are also volatile in Honolulu due to high demand and low supply. If you’re familiar with surge pricing, you can bet that prices will be highest when most people are able to visit the islands. In 2018, it was reported that sailors taking shore leave were quoted $221 for rides from Pearl Harbor to Waikiki, which usually cost about $40. 

Though they are also in high demand, you can book taxi rides easily in advance.  Hana Taxi even offers flat rate rides for popular routes.  You can book a ride from the airport to a Waikiki hotel for $30, and a ride from a Waikiki hotel to the airport for $35. 

For the short term future, the unique market conditions brought about by Covid-19 will be with us. Ditch the high prices and parking worries of rental cars, and free yourself of the price surges of ride sharing companies by using taxis in Honolulu. 

Give Hana Taxi or Koa Taxi a call next time you need a ride in Honolulu! 

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