5 Authentic Dishes to Try in Honolulu

The surf and sun of Hawaii makes it one of the world’s most desired locations to live. The appeal of Hawaii pulls in everyone, and everyone means great chefs want to live here too.  We are quite spoiled with the amount of flavors and dishes we can try from around the world. Featured below are 5 authentic dishes to try from around the world, right here in Honolulu. 

1)La Bomba at Allegrini Mozzarella

Italian food Honolulu

Owner Allegrini of his namesake restaurant, Allegrini Mozzarella,  imports his ingredients direct from Italy.  He ran a restaurant in Italy for 4 years before making the move to the islands.

La Bomba

We highly recommend trying the La Bomba Pizza. This delicious pie is made from his mother’s recipe and features handmade Italian cheese.

2) Carnitas Plate at Tlacuaches 808

Birria Tacos Tlacuaches Style are super addictive!

Not gonna lie, it’s hard to get authentic Mexican food in Honolulu. When we feel like we can use some tasty Mexican grinds, we head down to Tlacuaches 808 for their Carne Asada Huevos Rancheros.  The savory dish features big strips of country style new york steak, pinto beans, rice, lettuce, chopped onion, cilantro, salsa verde & roja, corn tortillas and sunny side eggs topped with cheese!

This is all whipped up by Chef Jesse, who worked in Mexico for over 10 years before coming to the islands.  You’ll find them at 2152 Lauula St in Waikiki, so make sure you drop by to satisfy your Mexican food cravings. 

3)House Beef Noodle at MIAN

Mian Noodle Honolulu

The House Beef Noodle at MIAN is the spice you need in your life. A traditional spicy noodle dish from the Szechuan province in China. MIAN proudly serves the dish unaltered from the recipe served in China. No watering down, no spam toppings, just straight fire! 

MIAN Honolulu

The owner and head chef, Pony was trained in Szechuan cuisine in China. After some years in LA cutting his teeth in the American restaurant industry, he is now dishing out authentic, must try spicy noodles right here in Honolulu. 


4)Pad Thai at Thai Issan Waikiki

Thai Issan Waikiki

Voted  Honolulu Magaine’s Best Pad Thai of 2021, Thai Issan’s Pad Thai is a must try for Thai food lovers. We always end up ordering the Pad Thai and their delicious Green Curry. Thai Issan owner, Sen has brought her country style authentic Thai food to the masses at Waikiki, and we couldn’t be happier. 

Thai Issan

All this couldn’t happen without some talent in the kitchen, and Thai Issan has got that covered.  A 20 year veteran in Thailand, Chef Dokkeo uses authentic Thai spices and sauces to bring all the dishes served here to life. Make sure to visit them on your next visit to Waikiki!

5)Ahi Katsu at Dell’s Kitchen & Bakery

Dell's Kitchen & Bakery

We couldn’t write an article about world cuisines without putting up one of our own from the islands!  Dell’s Kitchen serves local grinds along with an assortment of baked breads and pastries. Chef Dell is a 20 year veteran of the restaurant industry here in Hawaii, and opened his namesake store in  2018.

Ahi Katsu at Dell's Kitchen Honolulu

Great local style food for a great price. (Picture:Ahi Katsu)

We are particular fans of the Ahi Katsu. It’s seasoned, breaded and fried quickly for a crispy on the outside, medium rare on the inside result. 

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