Our Go To Oahu Japanese Restaurants

Looking for good Oahu Japanese restaurants? You’re likely to find a huge list of Japanese restaurants available, so we’ve listed a few of our favorites! All the restaurants below do brisk business with a local Japanese clientele, so you know you’ll find authentic flavors here.

1) Kamitoku Ramen

cobo menu by kamitoku ramen

Noodle dishes have long held a place in the heart of Hawaii, and ramen has been exploding in popularity for quite some time. We’re big fans of Kamitoku Ramen,  located in the Ward Center.  Originally from Tottori Prefecture in Japan, Kamitoku ramen specializes in beef broth ramen. Rare even in Japan, beef broth ramen is a specialty of Tottori.  Kamitoku is ranked number 3 on Yelp for Ramen in the United States, so make sure to check them out. Pro tip – when you’re done with the noodles, order a side of rice to mix up with the beef broth at the bottom of your bowl. 

2) Furusato Sushi

Hawaiian Sunset $22

Located right across the street from Waikiki beach, this cozy sushi spot delivers on many different levels. For one, it’s surprisingly affordable for a  restaurant located in the most desirable part of Waikiki. You can find tasty fresh nigiri and sashimi, as well as a great variety of rolls.   We recommend the the Hawaiian Sunset Roll which includes tuna, salmon, avocado and yellowtail. Fresh fish should definitely be on your list of flavors to try at Oahu Japanese restaurants, so make sure you give Furusato Sushi a visit. 

3) Sho’s Kitchen

Sho's Kitchen

Broke da mouth Japanese food at my wallet is broke prices? Yes please. Sho’s Kitchen offers up a tasty assortment of Japanese bentos for rock bottom prices.  When you can’t get a prepackaged sandwich and a drink for less than $10 these days on Oahu, Sho’s kitchen comes through with hand made bentos starting in the $10-$12 range. Not only is it cheap, the quality and flavor is unbelievable for this price range. The owner was previously the executive chef at the Trump Hotel, so you know the food is going to be good. We recommend the Chicken Namban, a fried chicken dish thats steeped in a sweet and sour sauce and topped with a creamy sauce.  Take out your bento or dig into it right there on the deck seating area. 

4)Tonkatsu Ginza Bairin 

Oahu Japanese restaurants ginza bairin

We’ve made no secret of our fondness of Tonkatsu Ginza Bairin at Oahu’s Best Coupons. Arguably one of the best Oahu Japanese restaurants that serve Tonkatsu, Ginza Bairin is a must visit. You can’t go wrong with moist, crispy pork breaded and fried to golden perfection. They’ve even developed a breadcrumb with a lower sugar content that fries up just right.  If you’re in the mood for something different, try the Katsu Bowl. The katsu is cooked in a sweet soy sauce with egg, then laid over a hot bowl of rice.  Make sure you plan ahead if you want to visit, as the lines can get a bit crazy. 

5) Tsuru Ton Tan

tsurutontan hawaii Ikura Oroshi Udon

Taking the simple Udon dish to new heights, Tsuru ton tan is another great noodle spot to visit. All their noodles are handmade in store every day, and their broth is made of the finest konbu and bonito for that rich, umami flavor. Long famous as a Udon restaurant in Japan, they’ve incorporated different types of regional flavors and ingredients to create an impressive udon menu. If a hot bowl of noodles isn’t your thing, they’ve also got a variety of cold udon dishes available. Conveniently located in the Royal Hawaiian Center, you’ll have no trouble getting to this great udon spot if you’re staying in or near Waikiki. 

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