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Make a Honolulu Restaurant Reservation and Avoid the Lines!

Trying to find a nice meal in Waikiki these days? It's been increasingly hard to make a Honolulu restaurant reservation, so be prepared for long lines.  Although tourism is recovering, Honolulu restaurants still have a long way to go. You'll find fewer open restaurants, and they have less ...

New Honolulu Restaurants!

We've been noticing a bunch of new restaurants and eateries pop up in Honolulu recently. Unfortunately,  the pandemic had left a lot of open store fronts around town so we are glad to see some new signs of life in our communities. Here are 4 new stores we think are worth checking out! 1)808 Bunsik ...

Recommended (and open) Oahu Activities in 2021

With many Oahu businesses still suffering the effects of COVID-19, open tours and activities can be hard to find. If you're looking for open Oahu Activities in 2021, we've got three recommendations for you below!  1) Magnum Helicopters 130 Iolana Place. 8am-5pm Closed on Sunday ...

Take Out in Hawaii for the Beach

With all the rules surrounding dining in at restaurants, sometimes you just want to grab some take out and head to the beach.  We've rounded up some of our favorite take out in Hawaii near popular beaches.  Waikiki Beach Who doesn't love Waikiki beach? The beautiful sand, crystal clear blue ...

Our Favorite Family Take Out Deals!

If you've been spending more time in the kitchen the past year, you're not alone. Early on, we even saw some stores run out of flour because everyone was #pandemicbaking. A year in , restaurants have adapted and are offering great family take out deals. Whether you're a local family looking for a ...

Our Picks for Open Restaurants on Oahu

While tourism has resumed somewhat, Oahu restaurants have had a hard time adapting. If you haven't visited in a while, you may find that many of your favorite eateries are closed.  Given this situation, here's a list of open restaurants on Oahu, listed from high end to cheap (but ono!) eats.  All ...

New Restaurant Yoshoku Ginza Bairin opened on Feb 10th!

Yoshoku Cuisine Have you ever heard the Japanese term, Yoshoku before? Yoshoku means "western food" and is a culinary genre that is popular in Japan. Menu items include non-Japanese dishes like hamburgers, curries, pastas, and deep fried cutlets. As is the case with anything foreign that takes ...

Invest in Japanese Real Estate with Mr.LAND.

Hawaii has always had a rich history of immigration from Japan.  To this day a large portion of Hawaii locals claim some Japanese ancestry. If you gravitate towards Japanese food and culture, we have a great opportunity for you.  Mr.LAND is a Japanese real estate company that assists international ...

Featured Local Business: Arancino

Al Dente with Aloha at Arancino When you ask people about food in Hawaii, Italian food probably isn't the first thing that comes up.  Among  locals however, Arancino's restaurants consistently come up in our food recommendations.  The first Arancino opened up on Waikiki Beachwalk in 1998. They ...

Featured Local Businesses: Zetton Inc & Scratch Kitchen

Zetton Inc If you've visited Waikiki before, there's a good chance you have eaten at a Zetton Inc restaurant. Zetton owns and operates Aloha Table, Goofy Café & Dine, HEAVENLY Island Lifestyle, ZIGU, ALOHA STEAK HOUSE and Paris Hawaii.  Like many other restaurants, covid has turned ...

Featured Local Businesses: Ezogiku & 8 Fat Fat 8 Bar & Grille

Ezogiku When you search for Ezogiku on Google Maps,  the restaurant is described as a "No frills Japanese noodle house".  Although a perfect description, many locals don't know about the long history behind this ramen restaurant.   Ezogiku Noodle Ramen 1980s Japan Originally opened in ...

Featured Local Businesses: Matsumoto Shave Ice & Minato’s Hawaii

Matsumoto Shave Ice As an iconic Oahu institution,  Matsumoto Shave Ice needs no introduction.   Originally opened in 1951 by Mamoru Matsumoto, the store serves up Hawaiian style "shave" ice with a variety of home made flavors and toppings to choose from. Prior to the pandemic, the line of ...

Oahu's Best Coupons