Featured Local Businesses: Alejandro’s Mexican Food & Left Wing Chicken

Alejandro’s Mexican Food

For as much culinary diversity as we have here in Hawaii, good Mexican food is still hard to find.  Sometimes you’ve had one too many plate lunches and just want some tacos.   

Alejandro's Mexican Food

Immigration into the islands has traditionally been from the Asian and Pacific Island communities, but founder Alejandro hails from L.A.  His family settled in Inglewood but never forgot their culinary roots from Mexico and El Salvador. Drawing on family recipes from his childhood,  Alejandro has been serving up fresh, authentic home style Mexican food to appreciative locals for close to a decade.

alejandros mexican food

Starting with a simple Mexican food cart in Waikiki, Alejandro slowly expanded his business. He and his business partner Luke now operate Alejandro’s Mexican Food, their bar next door Da Cantina, and have opened a new location in Kapahulu. 

alejandros mexican food

Their customers continue to support them during the shutdowns from Covid-19. It’s not uncommon to see long lines of locals waiting for take out . Plans for the future include expanding into events, and continuing to serve tasty Mexican grub to their loyal customers.  Definitely try their Wet Carne Asada Burrito and tell them we sent you. 

Left Wing Chicken

Located in the new H Mart Korean grocery store in Kakaako, Left Wing Chicken serves Korean fried chicken. For those that are uninitiated, the Korean variety of fried chicken is usually dredged in a variety of different sauces. The most common flavor might be a Korean gochujang based sweet and spicy sauce, but there are many different flavors to try. 

left wing chicken

After 13 years at a tech company, the owner Tim decided to change directions and opened up his first restaurant, the Poke Bar in Waikiki.  That restaurant unfortunately had to close in March due to the pandemic, but he has regrouped and has now opened his 2nd restaurant, Left Wing Chicken. Although the current situation is not ideal, Tim and his staff strive to provide good food and to put a smile on their customers’ faces. 

Tim Left Wing Chicken

H Mart, where Left Wing Chicken is located is a great resource if you’re visiting and can make your way to Kakaako.  You’ll find a full assortment of grocery items, prepared foods, and take away food at their food court.  If you visit, don’t forget to try Left Wing Chicken’s new Chicken Sandwiches. For just $10.90, you’ll get a sandwich, fries and a can of soda. 

left wing chicken

Supporting Oahu’s Small Businesses

Here at Oahu’s Best Coupons, we are very invested in the community of small, locally owned businesses on the island. Due to Covid-19, many of these businesses are struggling. With the unprecedented drop in Hawaii tourism, many of your favorite businesses may struggle to keep their doors open. We hope that our readers will visit and support them so we can all rebuild the Hawaii that we love. 

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