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Hawaii is facing an unprecedented crisis due to the coronavirus. As such, we currently have  one of the highest unemployment rate in the nation. As many of our friends and family are affected, we will be doing our best to bring you ways to support the Hawaii community so we can open up again soon to all visitors. One of the best ways to show support is by shopping online for Hawaii products with affected Hawaiian retailers.

Here are our top picks for Hawaii products you can purchase online. 

1) Lono God of Peace  Online Store

lono hawaiian jewelry hawaii prodocuts

Hawaiian jewelry has been a mainstay Hawaii product for good reason. Not only is the jewelry beautiful,  it’s a great way to take back a piece of the islands with you. At Lono God of Peace, local craftsmen hand craft the various pieces.  Many of the island inspired pieces represent  significant Hawaiian symbols . For the three pieces shown in the photo,  the Whale Tail embodies respect for nature, the Sea Turtle represents the ocean deity of happiness, and the Fish Hook symbolizes strength, prospserity and good luck. 


2)Ukulele PUAPUA Online Store

hawaii products ukulele

You can’t get much more Hawaiian than an Ukulele. Ukulele Puapua has a large variety of Ukulele and Hawaii products that you can shop for online. There’s been multiple reports and concerns raised about the negative mental and psychological effects of the corona quarantine. One thing you can do to combat these negative effects is to play music, as it has been shown that learning how to play an instrument  aids in your mental health .  

3) Manoa Love Design Online Store

manoa love design hawaii product

In Hawaii, we have many small businesses creating wonderful, local Hawaiian products that are seldom seen on the mainland. Manoa Love Design is one such business. We love their stylish Hawaii themed jewelry. They even do custom lettering in a variety of styles. You can use your name, send a message to your loved ones, or use a hopeful word or phrase to remind yourself of better times to come. 

4) Ukulele Store Online Store

ukulele store hawaii products

The Ukulele Store is another great Ukulele retailer that you can shop from online. When the store front was still open prior to the quarantine, the friendly staff there offered in-store lessons twice daily. If you want a personalized shopping experience, contact them through the website or follow and message them on instagram @theukulelestore . You’ll get personalized service and recommendations for an ukulele to fit any budget. 


japaha Hawaii product

Japaha is a watch retailer located in Waikiki who have been in business since 1991. Their main focus is Japanese and Hawaiian time pieces. You’ll find many rare and one of a kind watches at Japaha. One such piece is the Hawaii Lifeguard Watch (pictured).  Made to withstand abuse from the oceans, part of the proceeds from this watch is donated to the Hawaiian Lifeguard Association. Unfortunately, you can’t purchase these time pieces directly online, but you can contact the friendly staff via this link online with questions about any orders you would like to make. 

6)Malulani Online Store

malulani hawaii

Meaning “protected by God” in Hawaiian, Malulani is a popular jewelry maker offering a variety of custom made power stone jewelry.  From amethyst to mother of pearl to moonstone, Maulani carefully selects the stones used in their jewelry. Each of these individual stones carries a special meaning .  For instance, amber is said to bring money and firtune, and rose quartz is said to bring love. You can mix and match for a customized piece, and their friendly staff will work with you to create your one of a kind bracelet, necklace, or anklet. 

We know everyone is struggling right now, but if you can manage to definitely show some aloha and pick up some Hawaiian products today. As always, remember to check back with us often for new info regarding Hawaii restaurants and retailers.












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