Fresh Sandwiches and treats at Beachwalk Cafe

Looking for a healthy breakfast in Waikiki?  Look no further than Beachwalk Cafe. Beachwalk Cafe is a French-inspired, local Hawaii-based cafe serving customers with the highest quality ingredients and products while applying artisan methods of preparation. They are very 
well known for their delicious Acai bowls, Pitaya bowls, Macaroons, and classically prepared Banh Mi Vietnamese sandwiches, gelato and desserts.

beachwalk cafe

Start your day on the right foot by enjoying the breeze and sunshine on the outdoor seating area. You can also grab a tasty Banh Mi sandwich to enjoy later at the beach.
 Banh Mi is a Vietnamese sandwich on a crisp baguette. The sandwich typically contains pork, chicken or pâté with pickled vegetables, cucumber, and cilantro.
  Popular sandwiches include the BBQ Chicken Banh Mi and Chicken Meatball Banh Mi.  
If you want to try something different, Chicken Curry Banh Mi is an interesting and delicious choice.

beachwalk cafe

If you are returning from the beach or a hike after a long day in the Hawaiian Sun, Beachwalk Cafe’s gelato and smoothies are an absolute treat.  Staff favorites gelatos include mango, lychee, and Kona coffee. The icy treats are  are perfect when you want something light and tasty. Colorful macaroons are only $2.30 each and are perfect for a quick snack with a coffee. 

beachwalk cafe

Although there aren’t a lot of vegetarian choices in Waikiki, Beachwalk Cafe is vegetarian friendly. The 
Grilled Veggies Panini and Veggies Banh Mi are highly recommended healthy meal options. 
Located right across the street from the Outrigger Waikiki Beach Resort,  Beachwalk Café is without a doubt, one of the best breakfast cafes in Waikiki. 

 One thing to note – Beachwalk Cafe does not have their own parking structure.  Make sure to look for parking beforehand. You can also check out the  Waikiki Beachwalk parking rates  if you’re heading into Waikiki in a vehicle. 


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Beachwalk Cafe
Location: 2170 Kalia Rd.
Hours: 7am – 11pm (daily)
Phone: (808) 923-1650

Acai Bowl $9.95/Pitaya Bowl $12.25/
Banh mi $9.25/Panini $9.50/
Gelato $4.75/Croissant Gelato$8.25/
Milk Tea (11 kinds) $5.25

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