Great Value! Try these Honolulu Spa and Massage Options.

Looking for a good Honolulu Spa or massage? You’ve come to the right place. Although there are spa options at most major hotels, you’ll find a much better deal at these 4 Honolulu spa and massage spots! 

1) Cocolomi Massage

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Lomi Lomi Oil Massage 60min/$75 with coupon!

Located smack dab in the middle of Waikiki, Cocolomi massage is a great option if you’re looking for value and convenience. Depending on your preference, you can choose a lomilomi (oil) massage,  dry massage, foot reflex, or combinations of different massage styles.  If you’re looking to get a quick massage and jump right back into enjoying Waikiki, Cocolomi is the place for you. 

2) Mia Thai Massage

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Located just outside of Waikiki in the Century Center building, Mia Thai offers a wide array of massage and spa services.  Hot stones, body scrub, back walking, lomi lomi, it’s all available at Mia Thai.  We love the Couple’s Massage –  look at that view! 

3) Amar Massage

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Amar Massage is another one of our favorite Honolulu spa options. Located in Ward with one more store opening in Waikiki in May, you won’t be disappointed with their services. They offer a 30 minute massage that will loosen up your shoulders, neck and back. A great option if you’re short on time or want to get back to the beach! 

4) Remedy Spa

Located close to the DFS shopping center in Waikiki, Remedy offers a variety of  unique spa services. A popular treatment is microchanneling, a non invasive procedure which stimulates your skin. Known to help with acne scars, wrinkles,  and sun spots, microchanneling can help you recover from sun damage. You’ll also experience an LED light treatment that delivers  light therapy into your skin’s deepest layers.

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