4 Open Air Restaurants in Honolulu

Although vaccinations are ramping up in Hawaii, COVID-19 is still a huge factor when it comes to dining out. The CDC recommends that you avoid crowds of people in enclosed spaces with poor ventilation. With that in mind, here are our recommendations for 4 open air restaurants in Honolulu.

1) Taco’ako

Honolulu open air restaurant taco'ako

Located in the trendy Salt Kaka’ako shopping area, Taco’ako serves up tasty tacos and Mexican fare. You’ll find outdoor seating in front of the restaurant. Enjoy some tacos with friends and family in a safe and sanitary environment.  Taco’ako is only open during lunch hours Tuesdays-Saturdays, so keep that in mind when visiting. 

2) Sakura Terrace

Honolulu open air restaurant

Sakura Terrace is a great Japanese restaurant located on South King Street. Within the tastefully designed restaurant you’ll find a sushi counter, indoor dining area, and an outdoor terrace area. The food is excellent as the kitchen is overseen by a Japanese chef that worked in high end Waikiki restaurants for years. 

3) Chiba-Ken

Honolulu open air restaurant chiba ken

If you’re staying on the east side of Waikiki, Chiba-ken is an Izakaya option you don’t want to overlook. Located near Hilton Hawaiian Village, this restaurant has a stacked menu full of Japanese dishes like sushi rolls, tempura, sashimi and so much more. Take advantage of the covered outdoor seating area to have a great time while staying safe.  

4) Arancino di Mare

honolulu open air restaurant arancino

Enjoy European outdoor cafe style seating at one of the best Italian restaurants in Waikiki, Arancino Di Mare. Located just feet away from Waikiki beach, the restaurant is a fantastic option for those looking for quality Italian food in Honolulu.  Locals can take advantage of one of the best lunch deals we’ve come across. Make sure to ask them for the local lunch menu when you’re seated. 

If you’re looking for more open air restaurants in Honolulu, keep checking back with us as we are adding restaurant options all the time! Make sure to check out our dining coupons page for more deals on Honolulu dining.

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