New Eatery Openings in February 2024! Eight new cafes and restaurants in Hawaii, including a bakery from Korea, a Japanese izakaya, and more!

New restaurants and cafes continue to open all over the island.  With avid diners vying to try new spots, these eateries are already experiencing high customer volumes. 


February 2024 New Restaurants and Cafes in Hawaii



Waikiki Shokudo


Waikiki Shokudo, a sister restaurant to Shokudo Japanese, which will sadly close its doors soon, and Kaimuki Shokudo, opened along Royal Hawaiian Ave in Waikiki in the former Agaru space on the second floor of a building across the street from DFS Galleria.

Taking its name from the Japanese word for “dining room” or “restaurant offering affordable meals,” Shokudo delivers delightful Japanese presentations including tako-wasa, edamame, and sashimi.  There are a variety of teppan dishes such as offals and yakisoba, charcoal-grilled dishes and temaki, and rice dishes such as beef curry, washu beef bowl, and bara chirashi donburi.  For those who want something a little more familiar, French fries are also on the menu, but with all these amazing flavors, you may find yourself wanting to experience more of the Japanese.

Waikiki Shokudo
355 Royal Hawaiian Ave. 
5pm – 1am
(808) 425-4061



Franks & Fries


Franks & Fries, a hot dog specialty stand, opened on Kuhio Street in Waikiki, behind Marugame Udon.

Featuring frankfurters from Nathan’s from New York City famous for its hot dog speed-eating contests, Franks & Fries prides itself on the 100% beef sausages nestled in pillowy brioche.  The sweet taste of the buns makes for a lovely contrast against the savory aspects of the sausages.

Franks & Fries
2310 Kuhio Ave. 
12pm – 9pm
(808) 517-9571



Sushi Ogame


Tucked away in the corner of Kuhio Avenue Food Hall on the first floor of the International Marketplace, Sushi Ogame is a pop-up counter serving authentic sushi.  A health bar by day, Sushi Ogame serves omakase courses incorporating some of the finest ingredients flown in from Toyosu weekly.  Chef Koichi Ogame is a skilled sushi artisan with over 40 years of experience.  His personality delights and his creations tantalize every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.  Two seatings for the 8 seats are available at 6:30 and 8:30 p.m., but as of May, the times will change to 5:30 and 7:30 p.m.  With 16 courses served at just $125 per person, this is one of the best hidden sushi secrets in Waikiki.

Sushi Ogame
2330 Kalakaua Ave St.
Thu-Sat 6:30pm – 8:30pm.
(808) 797-3466



La Ola Taqueria


Craving Mexican cuisine?  La Ola Taqueria opened next door to Leonard’s Bakery along Kapahulu Avenue in the former Yakiniku Futago turned Alejandro Mexican Food location.  The restaurant offers delicious burritos and tacos in an authentic Mexican atmosphere, so head over for a bite and perhaps consider a nice siesta afterwards.

La Ola Taqueria
949 Kapahulu Ave. 



Inari Factory


Sushi comes in all types of forms, and for Inari Factory, a restaurant specializing in what locals refer to as “cone sushi,” the specialty is comprised of vinegared rice stuffed in a sweet and salty deep fried bean curd skin.  This type of sushi, which is commonly eaten in Japan and Korea, is now available in the dining area right outside of Don Quijote Kaheka, as indicated by a cute illustration of a fox.

In Korea, the inari sushi is referred to as yubuchobap, and in the spirit of the Korean version with toppings, Inari Factory features theirs with a variety of accents, including ahi poke (with either soy sauce or spicy renditions), salmon poke (in the same two preparations), beef, garlic shrimp, crab cakes, and more.  Prices start at $2.99 each, making this an affordable meal or snack.

Inari Factory
801 Kaheka St.





Tenkichi, a new tempura izakaya or pub, opened along South King Street, a mere 10-minute drive from Waikiki.  Assuming the space formerly occupied by Oedo Ichifuji, the restaurant is nestled on the second floor of Toriton, a popular yakitori outfit in Moilili.

The restaurant offers tempura fried a la minute, with an array of traditional ingredients dredged into batter, such as shrimp, kisu (also known as smelt whitings), squid, eel, and Kona abalone.  There are more unorthodox approaches to tempura as well, with taste-tempting flavors of pork shiso plum, pork mozzarella cheese, sakiika squid, and blue cheese tempura.  Each tempura is priced about $5 per piece, so it is easy to get caught up in ordering a variety.

Many people also go for the “Famous Spilled Salmon Roe Bowl,” a $39 bowl of rice overflowing with savory salmon roe!  Sashimi and other dishes are also available, making this a fun spot for social drinking.

2334 South King St.
5pm – 10:30pm
(808) 367-0012



Kai Coffee Kalama Valley


Kai Coffee, a popular cafe with four locations in Waikiki and a roasting facility on Kapahulu, opened its sixth location in Kalama Valley, deep in Hawaii Kai.

The popular café offers a selection of coffee and tea-based drinks along with sandwiches and some sweet pastries.  This location, like the one in the ‘Alohilani Resort Waikiki Beach, also serves crepes.

The owner Sam Suiter, who lives nearby, is thrilled to have created a place where everyone can gather.  He wants people to use this as a social gathering hub, especially because it is in the neighborhood where he lives.  A bit of a drive from Waikiki, this location has a unique feel that is perfect for locals and passer-by surfers.  Take a relaxing drive out and enjoy a different perspective to one of Waikiki’s finest and most popular cafes.


Kai Coffee Kalama Valley
501 Kealahou St.
7am – 4pm



Paris Baguette


The Korean bakery “Paris Baguette” opened its first location in Hawaii in Downtown Honolulu.  With a soft opening on February 22, this much ballyhooed Korean bakery offers a variety of French, Korean, and Asian fusion breads.  It is evident how this will quickly become a popular hotspot in Honolulu for coffee, pastries, and bread.

Paris Baguette
1000 Bishop St. Honolulu HI
6am – 6pm
(808) 260-9305



Consider trying some of the newer spots on your next visit to Hawaii.  This will give you a good cross-section of flavors and offerings that appeal most to Hawaii locals.

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