New Honolulu Restaurants!

We’ve been noticing a bunch of new restaurants and eateries pop up in Honolulu recently. Unfortunately,  the pandemic had left a lot of open store fronts around town so we are glad to see some new signs of life in our communities. Here are 4 new stores we think are worth checking out!

1)808 Bunsik

808 Bunsik new honolulu restaurant

A delicious Korean fried chicken spot in Honolulu, 808 Bunsik should be on your visit list.  For the uninitiated, Korean fried chicken consists of bite size chicken fried and tossed in a variety of unique spices and rubs.  Many flavors contain gochujang, a sweet and spicy Korean condiment. It’s said that 1/3 of the chicken consumed in Korea is in this way, so make sure to visit and see what all the fuss is about. 

2) Ebinomi

new honolulu restaurant


Ebinomi means “just shrimp” in Japanese. True to their name, their menu mainly consists of shrimp dishes. From famous Hawaii menu items like Kahuku Shrimp to shrimp curries, you can’t go wrong with this Waikiki eateries dishes. If shrimp isn’t your thing, not to worry. They’ve got quality beef stews,  and a mean veggie curry for all you vegetarians out there. 

3) Yoshoku Ginza Bairin

Yoshoku Ginza Bairin

Tender & Moist! Original Yoshoku Ginza Bairin Hamburg Steak Plate

Yoshoku is a Japanese culinary genre that focusses on western dishes.  Hamburgers, curries, and pastas are made with a Japanese twist.  For example, hamburgers are served with no bun and with a side of rice as “Hamburg” . A respected culinary style in it’s own right in Japan, Yoshoku is definitely worth checking out. One of the few restaurants that serve this style of food is Yoshoku Ginza Bairin, a new restaurant in Waikiki. Opened recently by the famous Tonkatsu Ginza Bairin next door, you know you’ll be getting a quality meal at this new Honolulu restaurant. 

4) Scoop Scoops HI 


Don’t overlook this small local sherbet shop when visiting! With unique island flavors like Mayjah Mango, Pineapple Yum and Lihing Belts, Scoop Scoops delivers in the flavor department.  Add some richness to your scoop of sherbet with a drizzle of moo juice for a rich, tropical frozen treat that’ll cool you down quick!

Check back often at Oahu’s Best Coupons as we continue to add new coupons from Honolulu restaurants and eateries. Local restaurants and stores are the lifeblood of our communities, so we hope to see you all out and about at these spots! 

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