Night Life In Hawaii STARTS RIGHT HERE! Hangover Protection Patch 6 Days Trial Package On Sale Now! *Hawaii Exclusive

-Hangover Prevention in a Patch-

Their specially formulated hangover patch helps provide the vital nutrients your system needs before the consumption of alcohol. By providing your system with their proprietary blend of nutrients like Milk Thistle Extract, Ginger Root, Alpha Lipoic Acid & Pantethine (amongst several other key vitamins) you are doing your body a great service after a heavy night of drinking. Their hangover patches are easy to apply and have no empty calories. 

・May Help Prevent Hangovers Before They Start 

・Natural Vitamins, Minerals and Herbs

・Use 1 Patch Daily (or Nightly)

・NO Pills to Swallow, NO Ineffective Tonics

・Zero Calories!

・Safe, Easy and Convenient to Use after a long night at it

・Win Tomorrow!

They recommend staying well hydrated and consuming enough water to assist in restoring your vitamin and nutrient levels back to pre-hangover levels.

Available at nearby stores: ABC Stores, Don Quijote, Island Country Markets, and other quality retailers.

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