Take Out in Hawaii for the Beach

With all the rules surrounding dining in at restaurants, sometimes you just want to grab some take out and head to the beach.  We’ve rounded up some of our favorite take out in Hawaii near popular beaches. 

Waikiki Beach

waikiki beach

Who doesn’t love Waikiki beach? The beautiful sand, crystal clear blue water and breath taking sunsets make it a world class destination.  The only thing that’s changed during covid is that it’s hard to find a decent meal in Waikiki these days.  Not to worry – check out these restaurants for some onolicious take out for the beach. 

Rainbow Drive-In

Rainbow Drive-In take out in Hawaii


This iconic spot has been a God send during covid. Easily accessible from east side Waikiki beach, you’ll find the classic lunch plate, loco mocos, and their famous Chili Plate.  Plate lunches start at $8.50 so grab a plate and head down to the beach! 

Guava Smoked

Guava Smoked

Don’t miss Guava Smoked on your visit, located up the street from Rainbow Drive-In on Kapahulu.  As the name suggests, all items on the restaurants are smoked with the wood of the invasive strawberry guava plant, also known as Waiawi. Smoked Salmon Belly anyone? Lunch plates start at $8.60.

Ala Moana Regional Park

Ala Moana Regional Park

If you are staying near Ala Moana or just want to avoid Waikiki proper, Ala Moana Regional Park is a great beach option. The city just re-opened the Magic Island parking lot with 470 stalls, so parking may be a little better than it has been for the last 6 months.  Try these 2 restaurants for great take out for Ala Moana Regional Park. 

Scratch Kitchen

Scratch Kitchen

Located within walking distance at the hip South Shore Market , Scratch Kitchen offers up some great take out options. The menu offers a unique blend of southern comfort food and island favorites. The chili Loco Moco ($20.80) is a good example, and is perfect for some beachside grubbing. 



If you’re looking for some Mexican food to take to the beach, check out Taco’ako.  You’ll find classic Mexican flavors like tacos, burritos and tostadas for a reasonable price. We’re impressed that they serve up lengua (beef tongue) which is hard to find on the island. Tacos are served up on home made corn tortillas, which is always a plus.  

We hope these recommendations for take out in Hawaii hit the spot.  As always don’t forget to check out the Oahu’s Best Coupons deals for each of these restaurants located on our dining coupons page.

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