Fresh Ingredients & Fresh Tacos at Mi Almita Cantina

No where else will you find cheap tacos in Waikiki produced by a James Beard award winning chef. Mi Almita Cantina is the brain child of Hugo Ortega, who was the James Beard Award for Best Chef: Southwest in 2017. You’ll find Mi Almita at the Kuhio entrance to International Market Place. It’s technically part of The Street Food Hall, but it takes up a good portion of the outdoor seating area.

Mi Almita

The Street itself has some celebrity chef cred, as it is owned by renowned chef Michael Mina.  Inside you’ll find a variety of stands that are inspired by “street” food, hence the name. I don’t know about you, but I’d be hard pressed to name a better street food than a good street taco.  You can select Pork, Chicken, Beef, Bravas, Fish or Shrimp for your  protein. I find all of it tasty, and recommend washing it all down with a cold brew or Margarita.   The central location makes this casual dining stop a great place to keep on your itinerary if you’re staying in Waikiki. Surrounding hotels are The Laylow, Hilton Garden Inn, the Beachcomber and Hyatt Centric. 

Mi Almita

If you’re located on the Kuhio Side of Waikiki, International Market Place is a great thoroughfare to get to Waikiki Beach. It’s safe, well lit, and free of vehicle traffic. Having a killer Mexican Cantina right on that route is definitely a plus. Since it’s part of The Street, Mi Almita Cantina is open all day, which means you can also find some hidden breakfast gems here. 

Mi Almita

Stop in for some nutrition before you head to the beach in the morning, and you’ll be feeling good riding the gentle waves at Waikiki Beach. Don’t forget to hit Mi Almita Cantina up after a siesta for some cheap tacos during their amazing Happy Hour as well. If you’re heading in from outside Waikiki, ask the waiters to validate your parking. The best bet for Mi Almita parking is the International Market Place parking structure.  As of the time of writing, the first hour is free with subsequent hours costing $2 with a $10 minimum spend. 

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2311 Kuhio Ave. (1F International Market Place)

Breakfast: 8am-12pm

Lunch: 12pm-5pm

Dinner: 5pm-10pm

Happy Hour: 3pm-6pm


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