Local Plates That Get You Saying OMG!

OMG may be an acronym for Oh My Grill, but it also reflects the pleasant surprises most diners experience at this eatery specializing in local cuisine.  The multi-cultural flavors, uber-reasonable prices, upscale menu items, a tasteful ambiance, and late night hours all seem to be reasons why Hawaii patrons keep returning.

$9.99 Meals are Chicken Katsu Combo, Healthy Bowl, Hamburger Combo, Oh My Pac, BBQ Chicken, Chicken Salad!

This budding restaurant chain also has influx of visitors seeking out authentic Hawaii presentations for shockingly affordable prices, with a number of breakfast items and mini plates under $10.  The impressive menu encompasses Hawaiian, Chinese, Japanese and Korean influences, with healthy options.  Among the most popular are the BBQ mixed plate of barbecued chicken, kalbi short ribs, and teriyaki beef ($15.99), wagyu loco moco slathered in an umami-rich gravy ($17.25), hamburger steak (mini – $10.75, regular – $14.50) showcasing a savory house-made patty, and crispy chicken katsu ($9.99) with a sweet and savory dipping sauce.

*These are not $9.99 Meals

A few of the locations have exclusive offerings as well, some quite upscale.  The McCully Shopping Center eatery offers baby back ribs with barbecue sauce ($22.50), grilled ahi with salt & pepper ($14.85), and a Dole Whip float ($6.99), while the Pearl Kai Center full-service restaurant serves creamy lobster bisque ($6.99), beef broccoli cake noodle ($14.75), shrimp fried rice ($13.75), and healthy fresh grilled salmon ($17.50).

Popular Local Drinks! Dole Whip Float, Boba Tea, and Plantation Ice Tea!

          Oh My Grill is a departure from the typical plate lunch joint also because of its clean and comfortable indoor spaces.  Sleek contemporary furniture and a neutral interior palette are accented by emoji-inspired décor, replete with whimsical faces and adorable food-themed plushies.

Dine comfortably
in our clean and contemporary eatery

Another attractive lure for night owls is that two of the locations remain open hours later than just about every other dining establishment in Honolulu.  The Aiea location opens until midnight and the McCully eatery, which is within walking distance from Waikiki, remains open until 1:00 a.m., to satiate that post-drinking foodie fix.

Friendly Staff!

Oh My Grill
McCully Shopping Center:
1960 Kapiolani Blvd. #102
6:45am – 1am next day daily

Pearl Kai Shopping Center:
98 – 199 Kamehameha Hwy.
9am – 12am midnight daily

Waipahu Don Quijote Food Court:
94 – 144 Farrington Hwy. #16
9am – 8pm daily

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