New-dles in Town

Being so close to Japan compared to most of the other states in America, it is not surprising that Hawaii constantly experiences new noodle dishes.  The bowl may be iconic in some countries but not readily found in Hawaii, or it could be a unique take on a traditional soup noodle presentation.  Either way, these are some of the newer options worth checking out, but buyer beware as most of them are on the spicy end.


Pesto “Midori” Ramen at Gashoken

Boasting a rich bone broth, Gashoken has innovatively developed a new ramen not found anywhere else.

The Pesto “Midori” Ramen exudes herbaceous aromas with the vibrant infusion of basil, adding fresh and savory notes to the pork broth.  Throw in some parmesan cheese, and the flavors further blossom.  Experience the brilliant fusion of Italian and Japanese flavors.

Pesto MIDORI Ramen

Gashoken >> Get a special offer!
Waikiki Shopping Plaza
2250 Kalakaua Ave. LL 100 *STIX ASIA Waikiki
11am – 10pm daily


Spicy Miso Ramen At Baikohken

At this Hokkaido-originated ramen shop listed in the Michelin Guide is a new spicy version of its popular Sapporo Miso ramen.

Taking the iconic Northern Japanese ramen and augmenting it with chili in the broth and a dusting of crushed dried chiles on top, the ramen requested by locals is gaining fiery traction.  

baikohken spicy miso

Baikohken >> Get a special offer!
Waikiki Shopping Plaza
2250 Kalakaua Ave. LL100 *STIX ASIA Waikiki
11am – 10pm daily
(808) 784 – 0005

Tanto Red Hot Chili Ramen at Tanto Gyoza & Ramen Bar

Spicy seems to be the direction for a number of noodle shops, and Tanto Gyoza & Ramen Bar is adding a new menu item to their lineup of regional Japanese ramen bowls. 

tanto interior

The Hamamatsu-style Tanto Red Hot Chili Ramen starts with the rich chicken broth base and adds stir-fried ground pork, chives, and red hot chilis.  While we cannot guarantee that it will not burn at both ends, we can say that once you get past the initial tongue-scorching sensation, you will be sipping every last drop of this alluring broth.  Be sure to bring an absorbent handkerchief, or consider ordering some beer with this one, because it will make you sweat.

tanto red hot chili ramen

Tanto Gyoza & Ramen Bar >> Get a special offer!
1035 University Ave. #105 *Formerly The Nook space
5pm – 9:30pm *Closed Tuesday.*Store hours subject to change.
(808) 942-1000

Devil Takoyaki Tantanmen at CAMADO Ramen Tavern

Another tongue-burning presentation in ramen is the Devil Takoyaki Tantanmen at CAMADO Ramen Tavern.

While this was a special during the winter, it is a bit of a hidden menu for the summer months for those who want a good sweat to cool down.  Take the pork-based tantan soup, and add extra house-made pepper paste.  Then top it off with takoyaki balls, flour-based batter spheres surrounding a tiny chunk of octopus.  The balls absorb the spicy broth and become little bombs that exude some serious heat.  This hidden menu item not be on the regular lineup so be sure to ask your waitstaff, if you are brave enough.

camado_devil takoyaki tantanmen

CAMADO Ramen Tavern >> Get a special offer!
320 Lewers St.
11:30am – 2pm, 5pm – 12am daily
(808) 909 – 8008

Laksa at HK Cafe

Laksa in Hawaii is already a rare find, with a few eateries serving the seafood-laden noodle in a fragrant soup dish featuring a chili-scented coconut broth.

The laksa at HK Cafe offers clean flavors where the chili and coconut flavors are very distinct, as they are incorporated into a broth made with chicken and seafood.  The toppings are complementary, with shrimp, cuttlefish, mussels, imitation crabmeat, and a slice of lemon imparting other nuances to the composition.

hk laksa

HK Cafe >> Get a special offer!
2250 Kalakaua Ave. LL100 *STIX ASIA Waikiki
8am – 10pm daily


For those who are open to a fair amount of chili heat, most of these endorphin-releasing presentations will establish a stimulating meal.  For those who are faint of heart, consider sticking with the mild versions of which many of these restaurants do offer. 

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