See the Sights With Hoverboard Tours in Hawaii

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Intro Tours with detailed riding instruction are available. Beginners welcome!

Yes, hoverboards. Although these aren’t the neon colored hoverboards that Marty Mcfly zipped around on, you’ll effortlessly glide around town on one of these just the same. Founded in 2018, Hawaii Hoverboarding Tours offers safe, informative tours on their customized all terrain hoverboards. The hoverboards are self balacing, so you’ll be able to smoothly hover over concrete, grass, and sidewalk bumps while you take in the sights. >>Movie

hawaii hoverboard tours

Ala Moana Tour

Hawaii Hoverboarding Tours has a max tour size of 6, so don’t worry about having to struggle in a large group. Participants will also get a lesson on controlling the hoverboard at the beginning of each tour. Lean forward and the hoverboard moves forward, stand up straight and it stops. Once you get the hang of using the handlebars to turn, you’re ready for your first Hawaiian hoverboard tour. 

We went on the popular Ala Moana Beach Park Signature Tour and had a blast. The 1/5-2 hour tour started at 1:30PM at the Hilton Lagoon paring lot.  After a few minutes, our group was ready to go. 

Crossing bridges, getting over dirt, concrete, grass, it was all very smooth. We were able to stop at cross lights, and always felt very safe with our instructor riding with us. 

hoverboard hawaii

After several minutes, we felt very confident on the hoverboards. Don’t worry about your daredevil kids getting into trouble either, these hoverboards top speed is capped so you can’t get going too fast!

hoverboard hawaii

All in all it was a great experience. Being able to cover a lot of ground with minimal effort, and being able to get into small areas inaccessible to vehicles was a plus.  The Diamond Head Signature Tour even come with an audio guide that touches on the history of the tour route, so definitely inquire with them if thats something that interests you. 

Top 3 tours

1) Diamond Head Signature Sunset Tour

hawaii hoverboarding tours

2) Diamond Head Tour (morning start time)

hawaii hoverboarding tours

3)Ala Moana Beach Park Signature Sunset Tour

hawaii hoverboarding tours

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