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Local Flavors & Island Vibes

Locals and visitors converge at Le'ahi BAR & GRILL, a casual eatery with an island vibe located on Waikiki’s east end.  The gathering spot that serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner, gets its name from Lēʻahi, the native word referencing one of Hawaii’s most recognizable landmarks, Diamond Head. ...

Easter Sunday Brunch Ideas

Where Santa has elves to help him, the Easter bunny flies solo.  The fabled rabbit would make morning deliveries of colored eggs, which later evolved to include chocolate and candies, eventually replacing the nests with baskets.  Fortunately, most people end up having brunch someplace, so the bunny ...

Eateries That Make You See Green

Living a healthier lifestyle is not always easy, as this world tempts us with so many irresistible flavors.  Sometimes we find dishes that are effortlessly healthful, but other times we have to intentionally sacrifice with the hopes of living a longer life, enabling us to enjoy earthly decadences ...

Hawaii Activities That Bring Smiles

When people say someone laughed all the way to the bank, that probably has never really happened.  Laughing for such extended periods of time is not only debilitating but it does cause abdominal pain.  However, there are activities besides making obscene amounts of cash that do make people happy.  ...

Foods That Make You Want to Siesta

Locals in Hawaii call it “Kanak attack” and other Americans call it “food coma.”  It’s that state of paralysis induced by overconsumption of food, also known as postprandial somnolence.  This effect is normal after a meal replete in carbohydrates and protein because the body experiences an influx ...

Going Loco for Loco Moco

Hawaii locals are crazy, especially when it comes to loco moco.  Something about a mound of rice topped with a hamburger patty, gravy, and a fried egg creates an addiction for locals and a must try for visitors.   The dish was believed to have its origin at the Lincoln Grill restaurants in Hilo on ...

Honolulu Festival Returns to Celebrate Pacific Rim Cultures

After a three year hiatus, the 27th Annual Honolulu Festival is making its return, meaning that both locals and visitors will be able to enjoy a weekend full of activities from March 10 to 12, including free cultural activities, arts, and entertainment at a number of venues, including Hawai‘i ...

Pancakes All Day

Not that people need a reason to eat pancakes, but Shrove Tuesday is also known as Pancake Day.  Observed a day before Ash Wednesday, some people my celebrate this day by eating pancakes and other sweets.  Here are a few places to enjoy pancakes even beyond the breakfast time slot.   1) ...

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