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Tacos for Any Day of the Week

When you see long lines of cars wrapped around a Taco Bell on any given night, you know that there is something alluring about proteins wrapped or placed atop tortillas, be they soft and supple or fried hard and crunchy.  Not everyone is lucky enough to be exposed to more traditional renditions, ...

The Hottest Cafes in Honolulu

That single cup of coffee that wakes you up each day is foundational.  The right coffee will start you off on the right path for that day, and many feel as they cannot function unless they have their morning brew.  Here are some of the hottest cafes in Honolulu right now. 1) Kona Coffee ...

One Shell of a Time:  A Variety of Lobster Plates

There is something about hearing lobster on the menu; it seems to carry a certain gravitas.  Whether it be for its succulent tail submerged in butter or its shell scenting a blushing bisque, people seem immediately drawn to the noble crustacean.  Here are some of our favorite incarnations for the ...

The Multiverse of Cheeseburgers

Who actually invented the cheeseburger?  While many lay claim to this popular invention, no one is able ascertain who was the first to simply drape a slice of coagulated milk protein over a sizzling beef patty.  While Lionel Sternberger, Charles Kaelin, Louis Ballast, or Gus Belt may be names from ...

New Eatery Openings in August 2022! Part 1  A ramen izakaya, full-service sushi restaurant, a Hollywood celebrity-owned burger shop, and 13 other spots worthy of mention

August 2022 New Restaurants and Cafes in Hawaii   1)  Camado Ramen Tavern From the Japanese restaurant conglomerate Zetton Group, which operates Aloha Table and Zigu among others in Hawaii, recently opened up a ramen izakaya in the former site of Aloha Steak House along Lewers Street in ...

Our Picks for Labor Day Weekend

September is here already, and inaugurating the month is another three-day weekend.  What do you have planned?  If you are still just trying to get through to week, here are a few ideas to consider:   1) Hawaii WOW Gondola Cruises Experience a little bit of Venice in Honolulu with a romantic ...

Popular Noodles and Some Udon Know

While ramen seems to be king among those who seek out noodles in Hawaii, there are other types of Japanese noodles, including an unusual take on ramen that may be worth checking out.   1) Shingen Soba Izakaya at Heart Moon Buckwheat noodles may not be top-of-mind for most, but a great soba has ...

A Few Good Mian, Pho Sure

Noodles in Asian are believed to have started in China, where the earliest written record of noodles dates back to the Eastern Han period around 25 - 200 A.D.  A staple in Chinese cuisine, noodles made their way throughout Asia, into Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand.  Amongst the ...

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